About Us

Criabo Defense & Security is a private company, owner and manufacturer of a multi-purpose weapon having both military and civilian destination. We provide top services and products for our customers worldwide.

Criabo Defense & Security is the manufacturer of the Gepard GM6 Lynx weapon.

Our company also manages the marketing and trading for the Gepard GM6 Lynx  weapon and for the related ammunition.

Criabo Defense & Security provides consulting services in the defense & security field and also intermediation in trading of defense & security equipment’s.


Highly-efficient, special, multi-purpose weapon for land-, air-, territorial and independent armed forces. Its task is to destroy – with its shell, which delivers significantly (5-8 times) greater energy comparing with the ammunition of the conventionally used small arms – the enemy’s important pinpoint targets, armored rifle troops, light shelters and buildings, radio- electronic constructions, missile launchers and hovering helicopters within a 600-800 m shooting range.

In case of urban warfare/conflict it can be used for demolishing the enemy’s firing positions in buildings, weapons under cover and armored rifle troops, which are maneuvering on the streets. It is suitable both for squads and independent units. Due to its small arm categorization, its weight and portability, make it an ideal heavy weapon for the parachute, air mobile and territorial troops. It is also a highly effective small arm in repelling terrorist action. As this type of action is common in the field today, we believe it would play a key role according to the new North-Atlantic strategy, considering its significant destructive force, combined with formidable accuracy. Important hostile targets can be neutralized safely within a 1600 m range.

It is also a highly efficiency, bodyguard-weapon for protection of important target personnel, which can extend significantly the firing range of the safe-zone around the target person, as an attack by a light armored combat vehicle can be repulsed – by quick fire – within 300 m. It is also suitable to repulse the so-called, “self-propelled (suicide) bombs,” which are installed in vehicles, with even one shot to the power of the vehicle outside the effect of the (non-nuclear) bomb.